Thorough evaluation device RS232 Data Logger

With this data logger, one could save all logged data to a specified file for later evaluation. Serial Data Logger collaborates with digital machines, among which are VMware as well as Online COMPUTER.

Exactly how it functions?

The respective Data Logger is simply simple and efficient to utilize. It is a one-window application where one could choose the COM ports for tracking, specify the data to save logged info to, as well as specify serial port settings (baud rate, quit little bits, variety of bits to transmit, parity monitoring, and also circulation control kinds). All accumulated information is saved in a text file that individual can afterward review and completely analyze all data he needs.


It redirect inbound data stream right into a text file develop any number of serial ports completely.

Nonetheless, resource code is supplied (MFC/C++ VC7.1) after that check the folder that is Program FilesEltima SoftwareRS232 Information Loggersrc.

It collects information from the genuine serial ports as well as from online ones.

It works under Virtual Machines.

Specifies serial port connection parameters (baudrate, parity, stop little bits, flow control, databits).

Real-time counter of the obtained and also saved bytes.

Allows you to reroute all interaction information from RS232 certified serial port gadget into a text file for more evaluation. It reroutes information from any type of available serial port/ports and functions under Virtual Maker.


Log serial port interaction, view and examine logged information:.
With totally free serial port display, customer can connect to genuine or digital serial port and keep track of the transmitted information. Specify the text paper to conserve all obstructed data to for full evaluation. RS232 Logger will certainly present the number of bytes are stored in the log documents and all information logged from the serial port in a thorough method.

Test serial communication:.
It is a valuable device for testing serial port communication. As all information is conserved right into the log file, it can be examined afterward for any errors in commands or data. Nevertheless, this logger can record data streams of approximately 256 COM ports.

Plug in addition to Play Connection:.

There's an old joke sometimes shared by expert interactions developers that goes: the wonderful thing concerning specifications is that there are numerous to choose from. An amazing example is the success of RS 232 in the home computer and also interactions globe and also in industrial automation environments.

Port-powered from the RS232 side:.

For great deals of applications this is great but also for longer line lengths, or it gets in touch with countless nodes, the converter should certainly additionally sustain an exterior power adapter.

No software application chauffeurs required:.

Without the complexity of software application drivers, makes the logger a lot less complex to utilize.

Sustains A Selection of Transmission Rates:.

From 300 bps to around 115,200 kbps should be adequate for countless practice applications.

Function in Electrically Risky Ambiences:.

In some industrial setups fixed electric power is a genuine problem as well as makes it had to protect against voltage spikes and also ground loops. Externally, powered RS232 with optical privacy are created to function effectively.

As much as 50 m in between Microlink equipment and computer.

Over 250 networks per Microlink 3000.


The RS232 requirement has actually been around given that the really early 1960s. Nevertheless, it will likely be thoroughly made use of for a great deal even more years to find, the demand for trustworthy, safe as well as extremely simple to operate.

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