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At our on the internet podium we do transact with an extensive range of the Keyloggers such as the AirDrive Keylogger which is an ultra-small USB Keylogger as well as costs around $ 43.99 from our online dais. The Trick Grabber is likewise an additional Keylogger that you can essentially purchase from our online platform. It is a USB Type Keylogger that has a substantial memory dimension of about 16 MB To 8 GB. The 16 MEGABYTES Variation sets you back about $43.99 while the 8 GB Description opts for 63.99. A Secret Logger has the ability to gather the complying with type of info; Record the passwords that has actually been gotten in by the customers on the device, Take screen captures of the device at the periodic intervals, Capture logs of all instantaneous messaging IM Procedure, Capture duplicates of sent e-mails and also Instantly send out the reports having kept logs and e-mails to remote. Do you want to take essential logging to the following level, Clutch whole

AirDrive keylogger Max

Keylogger Our online platform deals with a variety of Keylogger and they can also be referred as monitoring software or spyware. It can be serve the same purpose as digital surveillance which reveals every click and touch every download and conversation. Among the ones we deal with is AirDrive keylogger which is only 0.8 (21mm) in length, it si ultra-small USB keylogger . it can easily be accessed with any wi-fi device such as smartphone, computer, tablets and even laptop. An enhanced version of AirDrive keylogger is the AirDrive keylogger pro which has additional connectivity options. It can work both as a wifi device and wifi hotspot and in addition to that it has enabling features such as email reports, data streaming and time stamping. The most advanced one is the AirDrive keylogger Max with all the ability of pro version. It’s enhanced with 8 GB internal memeory. Serial monitor The Airdrive serial logger is one of the types of serial monitor which is innovati

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