VideoGhost Pro, VideoGhost Max

The Swiss army knife of image capture

Accustomed to the standard VideoGhost? The VideoGhost Pro as well as VideoGhost Max are boosted variations with control abilities over Virtual COM and equipment COM. An outside application can capture still images on-demand from the kept track of DVI, HDMI, or VGA interface. The VideoGhost Pro/Max can function as a Mass-Storage tool, a Digital COM, or perhaps as a timeless rs232 logger. An external push-button accelerates conventional procedures, such as screen capture or setting switching. The VideoGhost Pro/Max are highly personalized solutions, provided with source-code examples reducing the assimilation procedure into other systems.


Online COM mode

The VideoGhost Pro as well as VideoGhost Max both showcase a USB Online COM user interface, meaning they can be accessed by any PC-side software program application. The Digital COM user interface provides the complying with functionality:

  • send out commands to the VideoGhost Pro/Max
  • review, write, and also keep the VideoGhost Pro/Max setup
  • capture and transfer a picture on-demand from the DVI/HDMI/VGA interface
  • obtain an archived JPEG picture
  • Example software is provided with C# source code, demonstrating all features of the VideoGhost Pro/Max.

USB Flash Drive mode

Blink Drive setting is readily available similar to in the common VideoGhost. Videotaped screenshots are kept in the JPEG style and also could be accessed similarly to a digital cam. The video-logger will pop-up as a removable drive, containing captured screenshots as JPEG data. The data will have ingrained time and also date info.

Push button

The VideoGhost Pro/Max includes an exterior push-button, enabling executing a fast on-demand screenshot, and also speeding up changing in between Flash Drive mode as well as Digital COM setting.

Hardware COM user interface

A real hardware COM user keylogger is available with the VideoGhost Max. It offers the same functions as the Online COM (with exemption to moving entire pictures). This enables an outside tool to manage the VideoGhost Max, as an example making use of the RS-232 protocol.


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