KeyGrabber TimeKeeper

Day as well as time-stamping

The world's smallest equipment keylogger with date as well as time-stamping performance. All the features of the basic KeyGrabber USB keyloggers, with an added time tracking component powered by an internal battery. Blink drive mode and also 8 gigabytes of memory guarantee quick and simple access to logged data under any os. Totally transparent for computer system procedure, no software or chauffeurs called for.


- Integrated timestamping component and battery with over 7 years life time guaranteed!
- Massive memory capability (8 gigabytes), organized as an advanced flash FAT data system
- Memory shielded with strong 128-bit encryption
- No software or drivers needed, Windows, Linux, as well as Mac suitable
- Mac Compatibility Pack (MCP) alternative, boosting performance on all Mac systems
- Clear to computer procedure, undetectable for security scanners
- Quick and very easy nationwide layout assistance
- Full functionality of the KeyGrabber USB


- Observe WWW, E-mail & chat usage by youngsters as well as employees
- Monitor worker efficiency
- Safeguard your kid from internet threats and also predators
- ... and numerous extra, see keystroke recorder advantages

Date and time-stamping

The built-in real-time clock will certainly monitor the time as well as date independent if the computer is activated or not. This is feasible thanks to the interior battery, with a guaranteed life time of over 7 years. Time and day stamps will certainly obtain inserted in the log file while the keylogger is recording keystrokes. The whole log file with ingrained day and timestamps is then offered for viewing utilizing any kind of text editor.More

Mac Compatibility Pack (MCP).

The Mac Compatibility Load (MCP) is an equipment improvement making certain complete compatibility with Apple Mac computers and also keyboards. Numerous Apple keyboards are USB High-Speed and Low-Speed combos, producing an obstacle for all types of USB keyloggers. The light weight aluminum Apple A1243 and A1242 are case in points:.

The KeyGrabber USB with the Mac Compatibility Load attributes an unique Mac Setting (allowed by default), which will certainly make sure correct operation of the keyboard as well as logging of all keystrokes. Mac Setting is compatible with standard keyboards too, so the KeyGrabber does not need to be reconfigured.

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Does the MCP version work with Computers and non-Mac key-boards? Yes, it does both in Mac Mode, as well as typical mode. If you are preparing to make use of the KeyGrabber on a PC, the MCP variation will work fine.

Does the non-MCP variation collaborate with Macs? For the most parts of course, however this is not ensured. If you are intending to make use of the KeyGrabber with a Mac, the MCP version is the risk-free option.


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