At our online platform we do deal with a wide range of the Keyloggers such as the AirDrive Keylogger which is an ultra small USB Keylogger and goes for about $ 43.99 from our online platform. the Key Grabber is also another Keylogger that you can actually go for from our online platform. This is a USB Type Keylogger that has a huge memory capacity of about 16 MB To 8 GB. The 16 MB Version goes for about $43.99 while the 8 GB Version goes for 63.99. 

A Key Logger has the ability to collect the following type of information; Capture the passwords that has been entered by the users on the device, Take screen captures of the device at the periodic intervals, Capture logs of all instant messaging IM Sessions, Capture copies of sent emails and Automatically send the reports containing stored logs and emails to remote.

For monitoring purposes in any organization then the RS 232 Monitor is the software that you need to install in your control room. This is a port monitoring software that will collect the following types of data; neatly log in and passwords,. Its also very critical when it comes to the analysis is serial activity of the devices such as

·         the smartphones
·         computers
·         tablets that are connected to it.

It provides solution by discovering the issues and breaking them down during troubleshooting process. It provides a built in terminal emulator , data exporting options , advanced filters, flexible search options etc. these is a compete software solution that requires no hardware

Purchasing our products allows you to save a lot cause with our online platform we do run promotions that will allow you to save a lot when you consider using our services. You have to expect that the rs232 data logger models will certainly continue to transform, it has decided come up with a new, modular strategy in which you will have the dock and case are isolated. When the new models of the rs232 logger with equivalent Lightning connectors are released to the market, you will continue to use the core of the rs232 logger device on the next device by merely changing the economic outer-case


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