AirDrive keylogger Max


Our online platform deals with a variety of Keylogger and they can also be referred as monitoring software or spyware. It can be serve the same purpose as digital surveillance which reveals every click and touch every download and conversation. Among the ones we deal with is AirDrive keylogger which is only 0.8 (21mm) in length, it si ultra-small USB keylogger . it can easily be accessed with any wi-fi device such as smartphone, computer, tablets and even laptop. An enhanced version of AirDrive keylogger is the AirDrive keylogger pro which has additional connectivity options. It can work both as a wifi device and wifi hotspot and in addition to that it has enabling features such as email reports, data streaming and time stamping. The most advanced one is the AirDrive keylogger Max with all the ability of pro version. It’s enhanced with 8 GB internal memeory.

Serial monitor

The Airdrive serial logger is one of the types of serial monitor which is innovative compact serial RS 232 logging device. It costs around $ 63 or $ 55 which is affordable and pocket friendly. Its only 2.4 (61mm) in length thus its size if convenient. It’s multipurpose since it can access wifi with any device such as computer, tablet, or smartphone.  It also has the Pro and Max versions which offers E-mail reporting, data, time-stamping, data streaming and up to 8 gigabytes of in built memory. Serial ghost is also another type of serial monitor, it is compact RS-232 and serial bus logger packed with features which involves time- stamping. Moreover it has huge memory of around 8GB and it can be accessed as a USB flash drive. It price ranges from $73- $83 which is much affordable.

HDMI capture

If you want to upgrade key-looking to the next level? All you need is to grasp entire screenshots with this hardware video logger! This petite framegrabber hooks up the VGA, DVI or hdmi capture port of the graphics card, and silently records a screenshot every small number of seconds.


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